view or visualise (something) in a different way with the aim of improving or transforming it."we're trying to re-envision the future of classic cars"


We are a young team embodying an old soul, with a passion for future proofing our industry.

Georgia Peck
Founder and Managing Director

Born on the border of Kent and East Sussex, some of Georgia’s fondest childhood memories involve classic cars, in particular old Land Rovers. Most of the cars she first experienced were rugged, utilitarian, entirely original, and not always practical, however, all possessed huge sentimental value and enjoyment.

For the past ten years, Georgia has worked in the luxury and automotive industries with leading luxury brands, manufacturers, and international Concours events. It is an experience that has proved eyeopenening with regard to the unlocked potential of some classic cars, and how they may be cleverly re-envisioned for a new lease of life and demographic of customer.

Stimulated by encounters with some of the world's finest automobiles - from '60s Italian race cars, to pre-war British icons, luxury modern supercars, SUVs, and everything in between - Georgia has developed a depth of knowledge, design, and eye for detail; all of which transpires into her curation of Aubrey commissions.