ULEZ Compliant Conversion

Do you live or work in London? Is your trusty Land Rover Defender being charged £12.50 per day to enter the Ultra Low Emission Zone? We can help put a stop to that.

If your Land Rover runs on a 2.2-Litre diesel engine, there's no longer any need to consider selling your vehicle for something less expensive to drive in the city. We offer a ULEZ compliant conversion service exclusively for the 2.2-Litre diesel engine, that guarantees your Land Rover returns home to you as a fully ULEZ compliant and registered car.

Our team of trained specialists require one week with your vehicle to fit a modern emissions controller system that reduces emissions below UK regulations required to drive in the recently-expanded ULEZ. Our team will also process and send off all the required paperwork on your behalf, so your ULEZ conformity certificate arrives directly to your door.

The cost of this service including all parts, fitting, and full documentation is £8,599 + VAT

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